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of the multi-story residential building stock within the existing European stock is built in the 60's 70's


through the envelope & high energy consumption


and humidity that can lead to a deterioration of the health of the end user


through the envelope and high energy consumption

Our solution


The SMHRU consists of a double flux heat exchanger, allowing the air renewal of the building while recovering heat from the extracted air. In other words, in winter the unit will pre-heat the air and in summer it will pre-cool the air while improving the air quality inside the building. The heat exchanger is composed of OSF plates that were chosen due to their compactness, high thermal effectiveness, and design possibilities. The optimal piloting is ensured by using CO2 sensors.


The LHTES is a heat exchanger composed of phase change materials (PCM) that have the property to store and to release a big amount of energy when the materials change from solid to liquid. This property of the PCM, combined with external and internal temperatures, will allow to discharge the heat from the building in summer, and to preheat it in winter.

Overall E2VENT module

The overall module is composed of the cladding and the insulation with a number of SMHRU and LHTES adapted to the needs of the builing to be retrofitted.

The BEMs allows the user to take data-driven decisions. A graphic User Interface provides real time information from the sensors and actuactors, it also allows to control the two HVCA systems, and offers a secure way to give users access to specific functionalities.

The CLADDING system is adapted to the VARIO and BRAVO support systems from ELVAL. The cladding is done with Etalbond A2. All types of cladding can be seen on ELVAL’s catalog.

The number of SMHRU and LHTES can be adjusted.

There should be 1 LHTES + 1 SMHRU + 1 BEMs per main room of flat

Installation process and Demos


The first E2VENT demonstration started at the end of 2017, in the University of Burgos in Spain, with the renovation of a building composed of two classrooms. The renovation design includes three SMHRUs, two LHTES, thee BEMs and a ventilated façade of 250 m².


The 2nd demo building is located in Gdansk, in Poland, that needed to be renovated because of its low energy performance and the low air quality inside the flats. E2VENT solution is being demonstrated on two flats. The renovation design includes two SMHRUs, two BEMs, 40 m² of the ventilated façade,and around 120 m2 of ETICS façade where metallic cladding was not installed due to the building owner requirements. No LHTES was installed because there is no cooling need in this area.

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Installation process in Gdansk, Poland

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This project is supported by the European Comission under the Grant Agreement number 637261